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With respect to the conflict in Ukraine, we are unable to accept delegates from Russia or Belarus. Neither are we able to accept papers with authors or co-authors from institutions based in these countries. We will continue to monitor the situation with respect to official U.S. government sanctions and restrictions, as well as endeavoring to remain consistent with the global scientific and cultural communities’ response to the ongoing conflict.


Important Updates

The Power Conference, hosted by ASME's Power Division, is a unique event that brings together power generation professionals working industry, research, and academia to discuss current power industry issues, applications, and emerging technologies.

During the conference, power professionals can network with colleagues, discuss diverse experiences and lessons learned in existing generation facilities. Additionally, they can get training for existing technologies, as well as exposure to new and emerging technologies from industry experts vendors and suppliers from technical sessions, panels, and technical committees, and other discussion opportunities. 

If you are interested in being the part of shaping the future of power industry, this is the event for you!


  • Fuels, Combustion & Material Handling

  • Combustion Turbine Combined Cycles

  • Boilers & Heat Recovery Steam Generators

  • Advanced Tools for Cyber-physical systems and Digital Twins

  • Risk Management, Cyber Security and Safety

  • Plant Development and Construction

  • Renewable Energy Systems

  • Heat Exchanger Technologies

  • Steam Turbines, Generators and Auxiliaries

  • Plant Performance

  • Robotics and Drones

  • Thermal Hydraulics and Computational Fluid Dynamics and Data Analytics

  • Water Management for Power Systems and Environmental Issues

  • Student Competition


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